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Said that, it emphasizes very well throughout the book that the concept of one size fits all might not be real and even less practical when one is about to embark into the uncertainties of a project, and that so called best practices are dependent upon the situation.

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It carries us through a series of known project management concepts and traditional practices towards the core of where situational approaches must be applied. It contains, explains and exemplifies interesting theoretical models that can be applied for some specific project management situations to keep a project under control. Next the author takes us to his situational project management by first structuring a topology of projects that will be used to define the type of project we are about to undertake and thus the methodology that fits best for a successful outcome.

The introductory questions at the beginning of each chapter takes the opposite approach than some PM books with questions at the end, to my perspective it has pros and cons but personally prefer the question at the end. The structure of the book looks fine and takes the reader to gradual but sometimes not that clear path to the place the author intends to. After a little too long introductory chapter and then going deeper in chapter two, it starts the interesting part of the book, what one expects from it. Chapter three to me is the most interesting section, would be better if more diverse examples were shown and in major quantity.

Situational Awareness for Information Security Professionals

The chapter about practices for SitPM would benefit if it gets extended; from my perspective I expected it to go deeper on some of the methodologies and examples but unfortunately is the shortest chapter. The last two chapters of the book are also very well thought out and structured, talks about basic tools for SitPM and leadership and the Dynamics of Success and Failure this one that I personally liked very much and again would have loved to get it extended , and it seems to be a good end for the main topic of the book that is Situational Project Management. The real examples that the author makes reference to are a clear and nice way to show the reader what is being exposed.

As a reader I love to assimilate and understand my lecture when I can relate it to real life examples. The topology the author makes of projects seems very practical and useful for the critical part of deciding how to manage and conduct a project to a successful ending.

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The small talk of waterfall and agile methodologies are very welcome, just needed to be extended a little longer to my perspective. The questions the author asks at the beginning of each chapter are a good complement to the learning process of the book because it assesses our current reasoning and approach, but I prefer them at the end of the chapter. Definitely what I enjoyed the most and would read it again and again are the last two chapters where the author exposes his typology of projects and the Practices for SitPM. The real examples the author brings in each chapter showing the successes and failures of real projects during recent history are also an excellent ingredient for understanding what he is talking about in that specific section.

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Anybody who is in the path to perform a project, either experienced project managers or beginners could benefit from reading this book. The complexity of todays world and the constant technology advances in almost every area of our daily life makes it imperative to differentiate the way we approach a project based on the specific environmental, political, social and economic situations and not just rely on recipes or so called best practices.

Very nice and fresh topic about the way to approach and manage a project, intended for all type of project managers and non-project managers willing to get into the labyrinth that sometimes a project becomes. This book is for experienced project managers as well as for beginners. A good lecture to open our eyes regarding what is traditionally considered to be best practices to follow no matter what. We learned that all size fits all is just not realistic in a world full of changes and innovations every minute. Comments 0. Jetzt bestellen Amazon.

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Zusammenfassung One size does not fit all: project managers should be selective in the choice of practices applied for specific project situations. Weitere Buch-Tipps. Multimedia Projektmanagement. Von der Idee zum Produkt. Die Entwicklung professioneller Multimedia-Anwendungen bedarf der interaktiven Zusammenarbeit zwischen Auftrageber und Entwicklerteam. Zum Buchtipp.

Situational Project Management: The Dynamics of Success and Failure - CRC Press Book

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    It can be downloaded from www. Situational Project Management Most project managers would agree that every project is unique. Rental Time perpetual.